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Weldangrind, located in west Edmonton, is a full service automotive and industrial heavy duty engine component remanufacturer.

Weldangrind is a member of the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association, commonly known as AERA. AERA membership ensures we have current component specifications for our cylinder head, block, connecting rod and crankshaft departments.

All of the component departments work closely together and are able to easily share check and report information. This information can be used to "compare the wear" when we are reconditioning different components from the same engine. This allows us to find problems that may have lead to the premature/excessive wear or ultimately, the failure of a component.

All procedures normally associated with engine reconditioning are available through our facility departments:

Our custom build Edmonton facility houses our Engine Block department.

We are able to replace upper and lower bores, counter bore repair and re-bore to oversize specifications or re-sleeve a cylinder block to a desired size.

We have the capabilities to resurface all mating decks and surfaces to manufacturer's specifications.

Our engine block department is fully capable of performing an align bore and resleeving if required, on both the crank and camshaft tunnels.

Cam bearing installation is also available.

Our custom build Edmonton facility houses our Crankshaft department.

Specializing in submerged arc welding of damaged crankshaft throws and mains before grinding them to specification.

All crankshafts are checked for cracks using the wet magnetic black light technique. This method is the most effective way to check engine components for external cracks.

Crankshafts are tested for hardness, and straightened if required, before any grinding or polishing is done.

Our custom build Edmonton facility houses our Cylinder Head department.

Specializing in all major name brands.

Full reconditioning of cylinder heads will include the replacement of injector tubes and valve seats when applicable, and valve guides only when required.

All cylinder heads are checked for warping and twists on the deck side, then resurfaced within OEM specifications.

Magnafluxing for surface cracks and pressure testing is performed on all cylinder heads unless otherwise specified.

Our custom build Edmonton facility houses our Camshaft department.

Similar to a key cutting machine, the camshaft grinder can re-profile small and large camshafts using a specific application master profile that maintains the shape of a lobe that is slightly worn.

Some camshafts that are badly worn can be spray welded to recover a lobe profile.

Magnafluxing and checking for straightness are standard for all camshaft check and reports.

Parkerizing of some camshafts is available.

Our custom build Edmonton facility houses our Connecting Rod department.

The connecting rod department magnafluxes all connecting rods, caps and bolts before they are checked for twists or bends.

Piston pin bushings can be replaced and machined to manufacturer's specifications.

Resizing of worn big end bores or shortening of the connecting rod can also be done.

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